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Hello, thank you for visiting my web site.

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is Soul astrology, Pluto astrology, astrology of transformation and growth. It was developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

EA addresses the questions:

 • Why am I here?
 • What are my life lessons?
 • Why have I been going through these
    things, over and over?

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

EA points out the past that has led to me becoming who I am now. It indicates strategies I can adopt to make changes I feel I need to make, or that Life is asking me to make. Changes that lead to a future less limited by the unseen hold of the past.

We've all developed strategies to help us feel safe and secure in what often appears as an insecure world. Over time these security strategies can turn into a limiting box, in which we close down to Life's call for ongoing change. Our Soul's intent is to go with the change. Our personality, the part of self most of us identify as, tends to resist change, seeing change as insecure and uncertain. When the resistance to necessary change becomes too great, eventually the Soul brings events into the life to force the change, whether or not we feel ready. Events like deaths, accidents, unwanted loss of relationship or job, or traumatic events in the lives of those we are close to.

Evolutionary Astrology points out the why that lies beneath these traumatic events. Why were these experiences necessary? It also reveals the unique essence, the real "me", that lies beneath the programmed, conditioned sense of "me" that has been learned from years of influence from well-meaning parents, teachers, partners, TV, bosses, and society's demands in general. Evolutionary Astrology points to the Soul's actual identity, and the path the Soul is using in this life to break free from these limiting, false beliefs about self.

Relationship Readings: One of my specialties is relationship compatibility readings/counseling. Pluto and Soul can explain our unexplainable magnetic attractions to certain others. These are people we have known well in the past, even if they are new in our present. Generally there is unfinished business. EA reveals the nature of the past dynamics, why the person has appeared again in the present, and what we are intended to be resolving in this coming together.

My approach to relationship counseling is to help you understand why your partner is wired as they are, to point out the partner’s strengths, issues, and intended directions of growth. Insights like these can lead to increasing acceptance of the partner as they are, leading to the partner feeling understood and supported, leading to a deepening of trust, which can then lead to increasing willingness to grow and change. When both partners participate in this process, many things can happen.

I graduated from Jeffrey Wolf Green's School of Evolutionary Astrology. Jeff Green developed Evolutionary Astrology, which he wrote about in his well-known book "Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul" books. You will find me insightful, sensitive, and intuitive. My intention is to help you become more conscious of your unique nature and gifts, and to help you feel more empowered to meet the challenges and opportunities of your life.

I do readings as conversation not monologue. I work on sliding scale, from $65 to $200 U.S. I encourage clients to pay based on the value they feel they've received, relative to their financial situation. Typically a reading lasts 90 minutes to two hours. I make CD's of the readings, the cost of which is included in the reading price.

I offer mini-readings (short readings at an affordable price) for new clients. You can find details on mini-readings here.

I also offer classes and workshops, and give talks in the Ashland, Oregon area. (My events page is here.) If you would like to be on my email list and be notified of my events, please email me (see button at the left on this page) and let me know that. I don't send out many emails.

You may or phone me at 541-201-0825 to schedule a session, or for further information about my work, or about Evolutionary Astrology.

I hope you find value in your visit here.
Most sincerely,