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Here are comments from some of my clients.

I've posted these to show the flavor of who I am and how I work with people.

"Here's an unsolicited testimonial:
Your consultation was a big relief to me, like coming into a harbor after a rough grey time on the big seas. I was thankful for your humor-- it helped me get further perspective. I walked away from the consultation believing more in my (natural) self for the journey. Thanks." -- E. K.

I called Steve because I was challenged and wanted transformational insight.  I found an astute astrologer who clearly is more motivated by providing insight than by money.  He not only gave me an excellent, non-rushed reading, he followed up the next day with a few thoughts -- demonstrating a practice of going above and beyond. JLC, Alaska

I love the perspective on life that Evolutionary Astrology has. With Steve's understanding of this school of astrology and his uncanny intuition, he is able to bring much insight into the working of my life and how I as an individual relate to it. Sometimes in my confusion I can only ask Steve one question; in one session he is able to shed light on that question and everything else I couldn't put into words! He is very good at explaining and relating spiritual concepts in a tangible way. You leave feeling empowered with deeper understanding about who you are. Steve's insights have been instrumental in helping me through some tough times in my life. Thanks, Steve!       JBS, Oregon

Thank the universe for sending Steve into my life at a very critiical time for me when many life changes were occuring. His insights into the spiritual significance of astrology were accurate and profound.  Facing ourselves is not always easy, but if we are to evolve , we must become aware of patterns that we came into this life with that continually frustrate our journey on our path.  Enlightened objective data from an evolutionary astrologer can help us transcend our destiny and see the divine purpose for our life.  Steve is a visionary shaman who speaks from his heart and is in touch with the universal archetypes that shape our consciousness.  I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.          ACW, Oregon

Steve offered me a very powerful personal healing modality. This awareness led me to let go of a great deal of conditioning, enhancing my creativity and opening doors I didn't even know were there, thus allowing me to establish a unique overview of my own purpose for living. I feel this revealing and important work is for anyone who is sincere in mastering the art of deliberate change.     AR, Oregon

   I can't thank you enough for all the time and deep compassion you've demonstrated in my astrology and counseling sessions. You not only helped me to SEE underlying dynamics I've repeated over and over in my life but you took the TIME to truly make sure I understood every single thing. One "session" with you helped me actually CHANGE my entire perspective (and BEHAVIOR) more than all the years of therapy by the so called "experts".
        I consider you much more than an Evolutionary Astrologer---your life philosophy and experience that you LIVE, was the first time I ever had someone model for me what it's like to "walk the walk" in bare, honest, simplicity. My specific issues were debilitating core guilt and shame toxins I've carried all my life. NO ONE HAS EVER EXPLAINED IT BETTER THAN YOU.
        I now have crystal clear clarity on all the "Why's...and how to take the higher road out of my own personal HELL! I FINALLY have peace about WHY I'M HERE and HOW TO FULFILL MY SOUL'S ORIGINAL INTENT. You took an incredibly complex dynamic and made it simple for me to UNDERSTAND! That kind of Gift is not only Priceless but very RARE. You were the catalyst for literally changing my life!
        You've been through the excruciating fire of life yourself and obviously this is what's given you the gift of piercing insight and genuine caring. I'm honored to have found you. I know a lot of astrologers and you're one of the FEW that's in it solely to do anything in your power to further the evolution of people's paths...where ever they may be in their search. I know this will embarrass you but I hope you let it stay in my testimonial...the miracle you've accomplished in my life...when NO ONE ELSE COULD...leaves me with NO doubt whatsoever that you are a true "Wise-Man" walking around so humble that no one knows it. I honestly can't thank you enough.      C.R. Tennessee